3 Socrates Quotes That Can Change Your Educational Career

One of the greatest philosophers and teachers who is often regarded as the father of western philosophy has said some life-moving aphorisms. It applies to every generation and age but it becomes more useful when you are young, when you are in a transitional phase. Most graduate and undergraduate students are looking forward to discovering the best of their careers. This is most useful to them as I will explain to you about career choices at a young age. Especially, these are exams season, most students are busy looking for the UPSC syllabus, UPSC exams, RBI exams, SSC CGL answer key, etc. But the basics are important too and here we will guide you through the character quality that is needed for every exam.


To Find Yourself Think Of Yourself

At a young age, we are so involved in the external world that these factors govern our nature and behavior. Being stranger to oneself has been manufactured consent for the majority of students. Even when choosing a career, the desire of the candidate is consolidated by what society needs from him and thus an emotional roller coaster ride makes one choose a regular career. That’s why most of the youngsters hate their job because they choose something that they couldn’t hold on to longer. Every new thing can be pleasing temporarily but only your wished reality can be pleasing forever. Think of yourself before knowing others so you can have a critical analysis of yourself then you will surely know what you wish for and most importantly, you will be aware of your capabilities and virtues that are truly needed but never asked for.

When you face challenges in your life, you should remember to know yourself. During exams, there’s always a self skepticism about your capabilities,  lots of questions make you question your worth in time, that is a must avoid feeling but there’s no theoretical way to do that. That’s why knowing yourself using a critical method makes you more open to this nature and this adaptation always finds a way to make your decision firm on parameters of self-knowledge.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel

Isn’t it wisdom for life that if implied practically, there’s nothing you can lose, certainly if it’s knowledge? Your education reflects your character, an event that shapes your future the way you want. There’s no volume of knowledge gained through education, it’s a burning flame that lights the surrounding with its flame. Indeed, education doesn’t get influenced by age but age 16 to 24 is the age of learning, you find education as an integral part of your life, something that empowers your existence and gives you assistance to live according to the social standards. It is not filling of a vessel because it can’t be contained, it can’t be controlled by the surroundings and most importantly, it gives you practical power to exist, oppose and adapt in alienated circumstances.

Education can only be wasted by not spreading it to the world. If your education reflects the wellness of society then let the kindling flame guide the best of knowledge. There’s a problem because students who are educated but don’t have knowledge and ones who have knowledge but don’t fit in educational parameters.

An unexamined life is not worth living

Who can forget this one as a remedy to exist, perform and examine? Moving in the wilderness doesn’t get you back home. Socrates said it when he was trialed by Athenians for corrupting the youth of Athens. This aphorism implies on your educational career very subjectively.  Those 4-5 years, from getting in college to graduating and looking for a career opportunity, you need to examine yourself too alongside college examinations.

It is never easy in a fast-paced environment but it’s important because that’s how you climb up to the top. Make every step justified and examination is the only way to do it. When you prepare for exams, you should consolidate these three qualities together as a moving force in your life.

This does give you a qualifying character for everything job you apply for. Once you are in a zone of being full of the knowledge of yourself, books become easy to read and understand. Everything becomes easier and contradictions don’t find a trail to hold you back. Exams are needed to be qualified by the worthy candidates and while you are looking at SSC CGL cut off, you should also look at how much you can make of this opportunity while having these characteristics virtues.

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