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CCC Study Material PDF in Hindi and English with CCC Exam Online Test – दोस्तों जैसा कि आप लोग जानते है कि CCC Exam किसी भी एक दिवसीय परीक्षा में सम्मलित होने के लिए अनिवार्य है बिना CCC सर्टिफिकेट के किसी भी एक दिवसीय परीक्षा में बैठना संभव नही है। आज हमारी टीम आप सभी के लिए CCC Study Material in Hindi PDF और CCC Online Test Practice MCQ के बारे में सारी जानकारी शेयर करेंगे।

ccc study material in hindi pdf
CCC Study Material PDF in Hindi

CCC Full Form:  Course on Computer Concepts

CCC एक सर्टीफिकेट प्रोग्राम है जो कि NIELT संस्था के द्वारा आयोजित किया जाता है यह ccc online test वर्ष में चार बार होता है इस कोर्स के माध्यम से आप कम्प्यूटर की समान्य जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है

CCC -Course on Computer Concept का मुख्य उद्देश्य डिजिटल लिट्रेसी को बढ़ावा देना या समान्य छात्रों या लोगो को कम्प्यूटर का ज्ञान कराना है बहुत से सरकारी नौकरी में आवेदन के लिए ये अनिवार्य कर दिया गया है। इसी संदर्भ में आप CCC Exam Online से संबधित सारी जानकारी इस लेख में प्राप्त कर सकते है।

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CCC Study Material – 100+ CCC Online Test Practice Question

1        Most news readers present newsgroup articles in:
(A)threads     (B)mail          (C)column      (D)None of the above
2  Fiber optics have the advantage of _____.
(A)being cheaper to install   
(B)being easier to install than twisted wire 
(C)having no interference   (D)using direct line-of-sight
3   We can set up the margin for  
(A)Headers    (B)Footers     (C)Both a and b above        (D)None of the above
4   Windows distinguishes between the different drives by means of a naming convention. Each drive is designated by a letter followed by  
(A)a colon      (B)an asterisk (C)an exclamation point       (D)a semicolon

5    Which of the following characters is allowed in a Windows file name or folder? 
(A): (B) ?      (C)_    (D)>
6  Which of the following is a presentation graphics software        
(A)MS-Windows        (B)MS-PowerPoint     (C)MS-Excel   (D)MS-Word
7   “To be sure that your presentation will run on a different computer, you could bring _____.” 
(A)your fonts
(B)a copy of PowerPoint to install   
(C)a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
(D)None of the above

8  “If you import data and want to update the slide when the original data changes, you must _____.” 
(A)embed the data   (B)link the data       (C)insert the data as an object      (D)break the link
9 In slide master footer area appears at     
(A)Left of the page  (B)Center of the page  (C)Top of the page  (D)Bottom of the page
10 Following is a type of Slide animation      
(A)Flash once (B)Typewriter (C)Fly From top        (D)All of the above
11  The following is a slide transition effect     
(A)Wipe allover        (B)Dissolve    (C)Bit by bit   (D)None of the above
12  The built-in default copying in Excel is programmed to    
(A)use relative position when copying formulas    
(B)use absolute position when copying formulas   
(C)use mixed position when copying formulas      
(D)None of the above
13 nternet is governed by   
(A)W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)   
(B)IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) 
(C)InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center)        
(D)None of these
14 Excel has a number of features that make it a very powerful spreadsheet program. What feature below is NOT a major advantage to using Excel?
(A)”Database functions such as filtering, sorting, etc.”    
(B)Automatic calculation of numbers and formulas         
(C)Charting capabilities       
(D)Desktop publishing capabilities
15 The E-mail component of Internet Explorer is called       
(A)Messenger Mailbox     (B)Message Box   (C)Outlook Express  (D)None of the above
16 USENET is…  
(A)A set of tools reserved exclusively for Internet  administrators  
(B)Short for United States Electronic Network     
(C)A bulletin board system that allows for posting and  responding to messages on the Internet    
(D)A precursor to the Internet that is now obsolete

17  The CPU (central processing unit) consists of :     
(A)”Input, output and processing”  
(B)”Control unit, primary storage and secondary storage”         
(C)”Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and primary storage”       
(D)”Input, processing and storage”
18 What is the control units function in the CPU?      
(A)To decode program instructions 
(B)To transfer data to primary storage     
(C)To perform logical operations    
(D)To store program instructions
19 The ascending order of a data hierarchy is :       

20  The most common input device used today is the _____ 
(A)Motherboard   (B) Central processing unit    (C)Keyboard       (D)System unit 
21      Which kind of storage device can be carried around?      
(A)Hard disk   (B)System cabinet    (C)Diskette    (D)Main memory
22      “If a computer is on but does not respond to a system reset, what is it said to be?”   
(A)Dead        (B)Off  (C)Hung        (D)Insensitive
23  GIGO stands for _____.      
(A)”Garbage Input, Garbage Output”    (B)”Gigabytes in, Gigabytes out”    (C)”Garbage In, Garbage Out”       (D)None of the above
24   The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is _____.
(A)”Temporary, permanent” (B)”Permanent, temporary”(C)”Slow, fast”  (D)None of the above
25   To go to slide number press
(A)slide number + [Enter]   (B) [PgUp]   (C)Both (a) and (b)  (D)All of the above
26      “To delete the selected sentence, we can press the following key:”       
(A) [Del]       (B) [Backspace]          (C)Both (a) and(b)  (D)None of the above
27      The language that the computer can understand and execute is called: (A)
(A)Machine language    (B)     Application software (C)     System program     (D)     None of the above
28      The arithmetic/logic unit performs the following actions: 
(A)     checks data for accuracy  
(B)     “does calculations using addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and         division”      
(C)     “does logical comparisons, such as equal to, greater than,  less than”
(D)     both calculations and logical comparisons
29      The purpose of the MOVE command is to  
(A)     move one or more files to the location you specify        (B)     rename directories   
(C)     both (a) and (b) above       (D)     None of the above
30      GUI is used as an interface between        
(A)     hardware and software      (B)     man and machine    
(C)     software and user   (D)     None of the above
31 e-mail is   
(A)Mail concerning electronics devices  
(B) “Transaction of letters, messages and memos over a  communications
(C) “Network” Transaction of messages within a computer  
(D)  None of these 
32      E-mail
(A)   Cannot address many users   
(B)     Does not provide protection given to first class mail       
(C)     Always uses bridge to send messages in different networks      
(D)     None of these
33      Which of the following admirable capability is provided in most of the workstations?   
(A)Numeric processing       (B)Graphics   (C)Text manipulation  (D)None of these
34  Selection of text can be of  
(A)single word or a line      (B)a paragraph       (C) complete document       (D)All of the above
35      Word wrap means   
(A)inserting spaces between words (B)aligning text with the right margin (C)moving text automatically to the next line   (D)None of the above
36  What is the first step in MS-Word in changing line spacing?        
(A)To open the Format menu        (B)To click the Line Spacing button 
(C)To select the paragraphs you want to change  (D)To open the Paragraph menu
37      Cell address A$4 in a formula means it is a
(A)     relative cell reference        (B)     absolute cell reference       
(C)     mixed cell reference   (D)     All of the above
38      If you click on the Undo button      
(A)it will remove the new text and restore the original text  back   
(B)it will include the new text and remove the original text   
(C)it will remove the old text and restore the new text back  
(D)None of the above
39      “A device that provides emergency power to your computer,conditions the voltage, and protects against powers surges is called a _____.”  
(A)PSU = Power Supply Unit   (B)USP = Universal Surge Protector
(C)UPPS = Universal Power Protection and Supply (D)UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply
40  “If you’ve just formatted some text so that it stands out, how can you quickly copy that formatting to use on other text?”  
(A) use the Formatting toolbar      (B) use the Reveal Formatting option        
(C)use the Format Painter button   (D)None of the above  

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41  You can change the margins in Word by    
(A)using the ruler or    (B)using the page setup      (C)Both (a) and (b)   (D)None of the above
42  You can create a template in Word 
(A)based on an existing document   (B)based on an existing template (C)from scratch  (D)All the above
43      “In which Word menu, Letter wizard command appears” 
(A)Format     (B)Tools        (C)Insert       (D)Table
44      The sheet tab of the Letter wizard in Word are    
(A)Letter Format      (B)Recipient Info      (C)Both (a) and (b)   (D)None of the above
45      One of the following statements in not true.        
(A) Word allows you to use the formula command to perform  simple calculation in a table.  
(B) “The simple calculation in a table is that of addition,  subtraction, multiplication, division etc.”     
(C) =SUM(above) formula means that word would sum the values in  all cells above the current cell.
(D) Word cannot do simple calculation. For this purpose you   would use Excel.
46  “While using the Mail Merge Helper, you click on the Active Window button. This selection creates”    
(A) a master document in the currently active document window
(B)opens a new document window 
(C)your document gets active and automatically attaches to a  data source     
(D)None of the above
47      Palettes that can be tear-off are    
(A)LineColour (B)FillColour   (C)FontColour (D)All of the above
48      A worksheet can be opened by clicking on the     
(A)Start button         (B)Open button        (C)Both a and b        (D)None of the above
49      To select a column the easiest method is to _____.        
(A)double-click any cell in the column       (B)drag from the top cell in the column to the last cell in  the column   
(C)click the column heading     (D) [Ctrl]+{A]
50 Ms word offers certain ways by which you can move around in a document
(A)by scrolling         (B)by moving to a specific page     (C)both a and b above       (D)None of the above

51      “As long as you have your product key, you can reinstall Windows XP using any CD, even one you borrow from a friend or neighbor.”
(A)True         (B)False                 
52      Hybrid computer is a mixture of both digital and analog computers.     
(A)True         (B)False                 
53      Default number of decimal points can be changed with the Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons.       
(A)True         (B)False                 
54      “To have Microsoft Excel always use a specific currency symbol, change the currency symbol selected in Regional Settings in Control Panel before you start Excel.”   
(A)True         (B)False                 
55      The name of a cell or range can be same as the cell/range reference.  (A)True         (B)False                 
56   =SUM(Sheet2:Sheet13!B5) adds all the values contained in cell B5 on all the worksheets between and including Sheet 2 and Sheet 13      
(A)True         (B)False                 
57      “If one forgets to put the closing parenthesis in a formula and press [Enter] key, Excel gives an error message.”   
(A)True         (B)False
58      “To display the current time, the TIME() function can be used.”
(A)True         (B)False                 
59      3-D charts have a category (x) axis a value (y) axis and a third (z) axis        
(A)True         (B)False                  
60      Pie chart can represent multiple series of data.    
(A)True      (B)False

61      Bubble chart can represent three variable on a two dimensional chart.  (A)True         (B)False                 
62      It is possible to undo the deletion of a sheet.       
(A)True         (B)False
63      You can have a different header and footer on each sheet of a workbook.     (A)True         (B)False                  
64      It is possible to insert a sheet at the end of the work book.       
(A)True         (B)False
65      The Slide Sorter View button automatically sorts the slides alphabetically.     
(A)True         (B)False
66      “If your text exceeds the size of the placeholder, Microsoft PowerPoint reduces the font size and line spacing incrementally as you type, to make the text fit.”
(A)True         (B)False
67      You can only split one cell of a table in a PowerPoint slide at a time.   
(A)True         (B)False
68      Press F5 key to go to Slide Show view      
(A)True         (B)False
69      Different elements in a chart cannot have different transition.   
(A)True         (B)False
70      Lycos is an Internet search engine and web portal.        
(A)True         (V)False

71      The act of exploring Web is known as surfing      
(A)True         (B)False
72      The e-mail component of Internet Explorer is called MSN Messenger    
(A)True         (B)False
73      Netscape Messenger is the e-mail client packaged with Netscape Communicator 4.0   
(A)True         (B)False
74      Usenet and Internet are the same thing    
(A)True         (B)False
75      The data to be drawn as a chart cannot be selected after the chart wizard is started.
(A)True         (B)False
76      Word Templates have .dot extension.       
(A)True         (B)False
77      Microcomputer is called micro because it consists of micro-processor.  
(A)True         (B)False
78      BIOS stands for Basic Integrated Operating System       
(A)True         (B)False
79      A smart terminal has in-built processing capability.         
(A)True         (B)False
80      Fetching of an instruction for execution is done by the control unit.     
 (A)True         (B)False 

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