1000+ Science Gk Objective Question and Answer PDF Download

Science Gk Objective Question and Answer PDF DownloadThrough this post, we have come up with some selected general science related Objective Questions with answer, which are often asked in competitive examinations, and all of you have seen the questions, If not, then all this science Gk Question – Read and remember the answer carefully as these selected questions are most likely to come in the upcoming examinations.

Science Gk Objective Question

Science GK Questions in English

  • Which mammals are the biggest eyes? – The deer
  • What country is the largest contributor to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions today? – United States
  • In which of the following industries, asbestos are used as raw material? – Electricity
  • Who invented the electric press? – Henry Shele
  • (Pressure cooker) pressure cooker gets cooked fast, because? – Pressure pressure inside the pressure cooker is high
  • Boiling point of water on pressure increase? – Increases
  • ‘There is a reaction in the opposite and opposite direction of each action.’ This is Newton’s –Third rule is
  • Is copper is the enemy element? – Sulfur
  • When the sun rises, the sun appears red, because? -Red color is the least scattered
  • Who discovered the radioactiveity? – Henry Beckerle
  • Two plane mirrors are hooked at each angle of 60 °. What is the number of images formed in a ball between them? –Five
  • How does a bubble in the air behave in the air? –A concave lens
  • Which unit is equal in all arrangements of units? – specific gravity

⇒ जरुर पढ़ें – Indian Constitution Articles: भारत का संविधान (महत्वपूर्ण अनुच्छेद की सूची)

Haryana Science Gk Objective Question and Answer

  • If a person is coming from the motion of 4 meter / second towards the plane mirror, then what would be the reflection of man’s reflection in the mirror? – 8 meters / second
  • Which mirror is placed next to the driver’s seat in trucks, buses and cars? – convex mirror
  • What are the principles in which the properties of both metals and non-metals are found? –Subcontract
  • Who is the father of botanical science? –Theophrastus
  • Which of the following will have the highest speed of sound? –In steel
  • A man standing on his stool, spreading his arm. Suddenly he shrinks the arm, then the angular velocity of the stool –Will increase
  • A bomb explodes on the Moon. Its sound on Earth –Will not listen
  • The main reason for not having the atmosphere on the Moon is – Escape velocity

⇒ जरुर पढ़ें – Download Rajasthan General Knowledge Notes

  • If the length of a simple pendulum is increased by 4%, then its frequency –2% will increase
  • A girl is swinging swing Another girl comes down to her, then the rotation of the swing  –Will remain unchanged
  • We listen to the programs of different stations, by rotating the radio knob. It is possible –Due to resonance
  • What do you know from ‘Venturiimeter’? –Rate of flow of water
  • The ball keeps dancing in the springs of water on the intersections, because –Due to excessive water velocity, pressure decreases
  • If the earth shrinks to its current radius and becomes half without changing the mass, then the day will be –12 hours
  • If a body is thrown from the earth at a speed of 11.2 kilometers / second, the body-Will never return to earth
  • To find time in satellite, what should the astronaut use? –Spring clock
  • If the radius of the earth decreases by 1%, but the mass remains the same, the gravitational acceleration of the Earth’s plane –2% will decrease
  • What is the pressure of pressure? –Pascal
  • The cooking utensil should be –Low Conductivity of High Specific Heat
  • In the waterfall when water falls from the height, its temperature –Increases
  • Calvin melting point in the thermometer – -0 ° K

⇒ जरुर पढ़ें – Important Days in Hindi Trick: General Knowledge for SSC | UPSSSC

Lucent’s Based Science Gk Objective Question

  • The word ‘Botani’ is derived from which word? –Greek
  • Curie is the name of whose unit? –Radioactive religiousity
  • Which color wavelength is the lowest? –Vapor
  • If the door of the refrigerator placed in the room is opened then the room temperature – Will increase
  • How many colors are there in the rainbow? –Seven colors
  • What is the period of ‘second pendulum’? – 2 seconds
  • Where is the ‘Indian Institute of Science’? – In bangalore
  • The movement of ultrasonic aircraft is – More than the trick of sound
  • Geostationary satellite is elevated from the Earth –36,000 kilometers

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